Cuomo a loser at DNC convention

Governor Cuomo jumped on the gun control bandwaggon with last night’s speech at the DNC convention:

“… “We fought the NRA and we won, and we outlawed assault weapons to keep them from the hands of mad men who are killing innocents.” …”

According to the Washington Post the speech was a stinker:

“… The New York governor will forever be compared to his father — legendary liberal New York governor Mario Cuomo. That’s a tough legacy to follow, especially when it comes to big speeches at Democratic conventions … But, Andrew Cuomo is simply not the orator that his father was and his speech never reached the heights some had hoped for him …”

Perhaps if he had chosen a more popular topic it would have gone over better:

The Governor forgets that the price of his “win” was the end of his own presidential aspirations.

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One thought on “Cuomo a loser at DNC convention

  1. Unfortunately, the scumbags had their shit people pouring in here for decades until the demographics changed to the point where we real Americans don’t matter anymore. They are the worst POS who have no connection to real American culture, and serve the commies as a permanent installed base forever dependent on them and they now comprise a majority. They have that, the courts, the media, the educational system (making good little commies out of your children), and now, the military. That is why they are going full out against us like never before, cause they can. I blame all our ancestors for allowing this to happen. One great person stood almost alone against them and tragically failed. That was Joe McCarthy.

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