Full retard

The DNC has gone full retard with gun control at their convention.

From a political standpoint we know the issue isn’t going to motivate voter turnout.  Why do it then?

“… “This is about conviction more than calculation,” said strategist Paul Begala, who advises a pro-Clinton super PAC. “This is just one of those things that has moved Hillary’s heart. You could see on the campaign trail how this was affecting her.” …”

Maybe it really is.  However, Hillary is nothing if not calculating.  There has to be another reason.

“… The Clinton team points to data suggesting that women in suburban parts of battleground states such as North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia can be persuaded to back Clinton because of her stance on guns …”

Ok.  I’ll accept this, plus a possible cash infusion from Mike Bloomberg.

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2 thoughts on “Full retard

  1. It’s a BJ for Bloomie because money. Hillary is in love with money, and will do anything for it.

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