Gun bills failing in the House

Democrats are continuing their efforts to get a gun control bill voted on in the HouseTheir proposals appear DOA and in no small part due to the shameless idiocy the antigunners have resorted to.

Example #1: Senator Portrait Project

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence spokeswoman Leah Gunn Barrett poses with objets d’art outside the Congressional offices of Chris Collins, Chris Gibson, Richard Hanna, John Katko, Elise Stefanik and Lee Zeldin.

Example #2: Gays Against Guns Die-In

Meanwhile, Lee Zeldin’s bill that would require law enforcement to get court orders to stop suspected terrorists from buying guns has also run into problems. Democrats don’t like it as it requires showing probable cause. Republicans who don’t like it feel it does not do enough to protect due process.

If I were Paul Ryan, I would schedule a vote on the reciprocity bill and shove it the antigunners faces.

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One thought on “Gun bills failing in the House

  1. Cuck Ryan is the textbook definition of a cuckservative. He doesn’t have the cojones to schedule a birthday party.

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