NBA hypocrisy and Bloomberg stupidity

Mayor Bloomberg is paying the N.B.A. to get involved with his favorite cause:

“The National Basketball Association, alarmed by the death toll from shootings across the country, is stepping directly into the polarizing debate over guns, regulation and the Second Amendment with an unusual advertising campaign in partnership with one of the nation’s most aggressive advocates of stricter limits on firearm sales.  In a move with little precedent in professional sports, the N.B.A. is putting the weight of its multibillion-dollar brand and the prestige of its star athletes behind a series of television commercials calling for an end to gun violence …”

The N.B.A. might be taken more seriously if they weren’t planning on airing an ad for the upcoming Deadpool movie at the same time:

I’m a big Deadpool fan and from the trailer it looks like it will be a big hit.

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