Why the Daily News is losing money

The Daily News is upset with the NRA:

“Hitting a new low in its bullying barrage against gun laws, the National Rifle Association on Thursday targeted Gabrielle Giffords in an attack mocking her 2011 shooting …”

What exactly did they say?

The DN is upset because it’s true.

“… The NRA has previously treaded carefully in public references to Giffords. Thursday’s tweet marked the most direct attack by the gun group and the first to reference her shooting, sources said …”

About time too. Far too often NRA spokesmen act like they’ve got a stick up their butt. They need to lighten up and do a lot more things like this.

“… Giffords declined through a spokesman to respond to attack. But other lawmakers blasted the NRA …”

Like anyone cares, especially readers of the paper. How is all this hard-left hate reporting going over with the public?

“Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman appears ready to toss in the towel on his money-losing tabloid. In a memo to a stunned staff on Thursday, Zuckerman announced he had hired investment bank Lazard to explore a sale … While the The Daily News does not report its financial results, industry sources estimate it loses $20 million to $30 million a year on revenues thought to be around $170 million …”

The DN isn’t going to continue doing business following this model for long.

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