New Yorkers Against Gun Violence says the SAFE Act is making New York safer.

NYPD statistics do not support that.

I point out the discrepancy.

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3 thoughts on “NYC not SAFE

  1. Who was ever kidding anybody with that shit? None of it has ever been about anything other than their hatred of us, and their pathological obsession to hurt us as much as they possibly can. I grew up with those POS “progressive” assholes. They were my family. Nobody knows them better than I do. And nobody is more filled with hate and malice than them with all their bullshit about “loving everybody”, “social justice”, yadda yadda……….

  2. BTW, the commies are claiming that there is a compelling or important public safety interest that the state has in burdening our 2A rights with the unsafe act. This revelation is a proof with rigorous generality that their case is absolutely baseless, even under the lowest rational scrutiny test. Think the 2nd circuit panel will consider it? LOL.

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