Moderate Democrats could be key to reciprocity?

From today’s Washington Post, “A small band of moderate Democrats could be key to the GOP Senate’s success“:

“Some of the most influential senators in the new Congress are neither in the majority nor among the longest-serving … they’re a pack of Democrats from mostly smaller, rural states who are inclined to work with Republicans on legislation President Obama doesn’t support.  They may even be willing to help the GOP override his vetoes … These moderate Democrats say they will cooperate if Republicans don’t use the Senate floor to score political points — as Democrats have done over the past several years … Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) … said he’ll support bills “that both Republicans and Democrats who sit down and talk to each other think will make things better for us …” …”

Will this include the CCW reciprocity bill?

Mitch McConnell needs to put that on the agenda.  Let’s have a floor debate on the merits of CCW because the arguments the antis will make will only help our side.

2 thoughts on “Moderate Democrats could be key to reciprocity?

  1. No pro-gun bills. No way. No “clean bill” will get past Obama’s veto pen and we cannot override a veto.

    If you want reciprocity, it will come only as an amendment to something Obama must sign. We have the committees and the votes to get those amendments attached to something important to Obama. Use the power while can, before the Senate changes hands in under two years.

    Seriously, if we see a bill that is pro-gun we need to start calling ILA and our congressional representatives and give them holy hell for playing us like fools. Pro-gun amendments to must-pass bills will become law, not pro-gun bills.

    I want changes to law. I want to safely carry and not become an InstaFelon for crossing imaginary lines on paper (that also means capping penalties for non-violent violations as small civil fines).

    I could care less about drawing rhetorical lines with the other side. The semantic debate will not help me when I face 10 years for driving through DC with an empty shell in my trunk from a range-trip six months past.

    Enough posturing. We need our representatives to get this done.

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