News of the day

Good news from the 2nd Circuit Court which also covers New York State.  The case of Kuck v. Danaher basically states the plaintiff has “a liberty interest” in his wanting to carry a gun.  More at The Volokh Conspiracy, “Second Circuit Due Process Victory for Connecticut Carry Permit Holders” and Cato, “Due Process Victory for Concealed Carry Permit Holder.

The Yonkers City Council supports a ban on carrying firearms while under the influence.  In supporting this proposal, Council President Chuck Lesnick channeled Spiderman:

“… “Spiderman’s creator Stan Lee penned the phrase, ‘With great power comes great responsibility,’” said Lesnick in the press release. “Carrying a firearm is an awesome responsibility and there can be no tolerance for anyone who does so while drunk.” …”

Apparently, though, there can be lots of tolerance for elected officials who drive while drunk.

The New York State Law Enforcement Council supports microstamping:

“The New York State Law Enforcement Council (LEC) unveiled its legislative agenda for 2010. The legislative priorities are … 3) requiring that all new semi-automatic weapons be equipped with microstamping technology …”

The New York State Assembly Minority Sportsmen Caucus is on Facebook.

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