Cuomo says it is not his fault

The Governor says the layoffs at Remington are not his fault:

… “The layoffs at Remington Arms are a function of Remington moving to the state of Alabama and consolidating operations all across the country,” Cuomo told reporters today at the State Fair in Syracuse. “I know we tend to think we’re New York it must be about us. Sometimes it’s not about us.” …

Except when it is:

“… Remington group CEO George Kollitides says Alabama’s state motto – “We Dare Defend Our Rights’ -“says it all.” …  State commerce secretary Greg Canfield says 9 sites in Alabama were shown to Remington for expansion.  It quickly narrowed down to Huntsville.  Canfield cites fact Alabama is “right to work” state with right building, right mix of skilled workers.  “We are a state that is strongly supportive of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms,” Canfield says to applause …”

Awhile back the administration was saying there wouldn’t even be any layoffs: