Astorino can win

During a campaign stop Rob Astorino said:

“… “I can tell you that every stop we make now, the crowds get bigger and people understand we can win this race” against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, he said …”

Believe it:

“The AFL-CIO is taking a pass on next month’s Democratic primary for governor — so it won’t have to endorse Gov. Cuomo … The snub by the massive labor umbrella organization is the third by a leading union group and perhaps the most stinging, since it backed him four years ago …”

This doesn’t mean they’re about to endorse Astorino.  It means Cuomo’s base isn’t motivated and might not show up on election day.

One thought on “Astorino can win

  1. The insurgent candidacy of Zephyr Teachout gets little attention outside New York City, but it is important within the city; the Greenwich Village Democratic club just endorsed Teachout over Cuomo, for instance. Teachout, a Fordham University professor, represents the extremist left-wing fringe of the Democratic Party that has become increasingly influential within the Democratic Party with the election of Bill De Blasio, who the New York Times reports is increasingly influencing mayors around the country in a leftward direction. The Working Families Party, a socialist group in the AJ Mustie tradition, is also a factor. I wonder whether the WFP might back Teachout in a third-party bid. As the Times reports, however, De Blasio faces difficulties in pushing the already-far-left cities further to the left. The result is that the left-wing extremists who increasingly dominate the Democratic Party are frustrated, and they need an outlet. Cuomo, who is slightly (but not much) more moderately left-wing than De Blasio, is an obvious target of De Blasio, the WFP, and the extremists within the Democratic Party.

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