SAFE’s effect on New York City

So, how has the SAFE been working out for City residents?

“The number of shooting victims has skyrocketed across the city this year — up 43 percent in just the last month — while fewer guns are coming off the streets, NYPD statistics reveal …”


“… sources told The Post it will only get worse in the hotter summer months, and that the alarming trend is the result of a more “reactive” police force handicapped by the inability to use tactics like stop-and-frisk …”

But we have gun control to keep us SAFE …

“… Since January, there has been an overall 13.2 percent increase in shooting victims, while 10.2 percent fewer guns have been recovered compared to 2013 …”

Well, maybe not.

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4 thoughts on “SAFE’s effect on New York City

  1. But the SAFE Act didn’t impact NYC at all, where guns are already essentially banned. It’s only restrictive effect was on us gun owners in the rest of the state. I fail to see how restricting or disarming upstate residents could have any causative effect on NYC crime either way.

  2. Guav. The liberal mind (?) can not comprehend facts. One could say that your statement is “beyond their pay grade”.

  3. Shootings in the borough of the bronx ny
    Have gone up over 30 percent since the signing
    Of SAFE ACT.
    43 PERCENT up city wide.

    Cuomo is a liar and is using NY as a
    Instrument to implement U.N. SMALL ARMS TREATY. In that treaty not even cops can have guns off duty. Remember ny left exemptions out for cops.

  4. Guav. It is difficult to get a firearms license in nyc however not impossible. The SAFE Act did have restrictions that were even greater than the rest of the state on NYC. Remember that 7 round magazine restriction? In NYC you can’t even have the ability to put 7 rounds into the magazine unlike upstate where they just can not be loaded into the magazine. I also doubt the overturning of this part of the law will effect nyc.

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