Go full retard on gun control

Dean Obeidallah at the Daily Beast encourages antigunners to go big or go home:

“Anyone else tired of the same old bullshit we see after every gun-shooting spree? …”

Yes.  I can always count on talking heads from the lamestream media to trout out the same liars, misfits and fools pushing their agenda of hate.

“…The news breaks of these incidents and the gun forces spring into action.  Those seeking to end gun violence demand new laws be enacted …”

Virtually all of which are orchestrated displays of astroturf.

“… This is, of course, met by the pro-gun forces urging people not to politicize a tragedy …”

How dare gunnies fight back.

“…  Or worse, people like “Joe the Plumber” callously saying, in essence, “I don’t care if your kid dies as long as I have unlimited access to guns.”  The NRA and Joe the Plumber view dead Americans as an acceptable loss so that they can have easy access to guns …”

Joe had the nerve to call BS on the antis usual tactic of attempting to blame and shame gun owners into capitulating to their demands and they don’t like it one bit.

“… And then comes the politicians. They respond by doing nothing …”

Untrue.  They just did not do what Dean wanted them to do.

“… And the winner time and time again is the NRA.  Why? …”

Because they know the general public is behind them which is something the antis will never, ever admit.

“… The reality is that the NRA will keep winning unless something changes in the approach by those like myself who desperately want to see a reduction in the number of people killed by guns each and every day.  It’s either time we try a different approach or shut up.  I’m not being rude, just being honest.  Simply repeating the same arguments and hoping for a different result is a waste of time …”

Translation: We aren’t fooling anybody.  Time to go full retard.

“… So what can be done that’s different? Well, here are a few suggestions.  Some are activities already happening that need more support, while others are more long-term ideas.   1. Grassroots activism targeting corporations.  A band of courageous mothers lead by Shannon Watts have created “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense” and are engaged in a grassroots campaign in same vein as Mothers Against Drunk Driving …”

This is a blatantly phony front funded by Mayor Bloomberg and everybody knows it.  There is absolutely nothing grassroots about it.

“… There’s also the National Gun Victims Action Council (NGVAC) founded by Elliot Fineman, whose son was killed by a mentally ill gunmen …”

Days of Our Trailers covers Fineman and NGVAC.

“… NGVAC has called for a boycott this Father’s Day of cards made by Hallmark …”

First I’ve heard of this so it must be a really big success.

“… 2. Use the tactics of anti-abortion groups. For example, start holding up photos of people killed by gun violence at political events …”

The bulk of which are either suicides or low-lifes. Plus there are many more people who use guns for self-defense. Not admitting this does not make it untrue.

“… Or use the court system to file lawsuits to raise issues. Perhaps the victims of gun violence could sue the NRA if their loved one was killed by a gun obtained because of the NRA’s opposition to universal background checks.  A long shot yes, but tort law does evolve and there could be a finding that the NRA has a degree of culpability in spending millions to oppose laws that would have saved a person’s life …”

Using this logic, gunnies could then sue NYAGV, Brady, etc.

“… 3.  Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. …”

Can’t have #2 (or make #2) without it.

“… 4. Rewrite the Second Amendment. I’m not saying repeal it, but take a page from the pro-gun lobby who for 20-plus years preached, wrote academic papers, held seminars, etc., to support the then-radical notion that the Second Amendment bestowed a personal right to own a gun, thus making it more challenging to enact laws that restrict access to them …”

Not too long ago he would not have even admitted the 2A acknowledged an individual civil right.  Shows how far the other side has fallen.

“… I can tell you this with confidence, unless those of us who want to reduce gun violence start changing their tactics, we will see more of our fellow Americans killed and the NRA will go on winning.  It’s time to think different or shut up …”

But you’re not thinking differently.  You’ve put up nothing but the same old, same old the antigunners have been saying and doing for decades.  The public is smart enough to see through it.

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2 thoughts on “Go full retard on gun control

  1. “Not too long ago he would not have even admitted the 2A acknowledged an individual civil right. Shows how far the other side has fallen.”

    Ohoho that has to sting. You’re right, even very recently they wouldn’t dare admit it.

  2. Yeah! Rewrite 2A, let’s start by deleting that militia part so the anti-gunners can quit saying we have to be in a militia to have guns.
    The new version: “For defense of Self, Family, others and the State, the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms is ABSOLUTE, and no law shall restrict that right.”
    Now let us repeal all the anti-gun laws Congress passed that has infringed on 2A.

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