Democrats call fundraising “disgusting”

Really lame effort to discredit grassroots fundraising for Rob Astorino:

“Using a D-Day fundraising theme, a group supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino calls for honoring the soldiers’ sacrifice by “removing tyrants” such as Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.  Democrats called the ad “disgusting” and “deplorable.” …”

I’m guessing Newsday has not figured out what F.U.A.C. means yet.

“… The online video announces a D-Day “money bomb,” a term campaigns have begun using in recent years to describe a 24-hour burst of fundraising.  It features still photos of the famous invasion of Normandy, soldiers’ graves, dramatic music and word graphics, though no narrator.  “Honor their sacrifice … They fought together as brothers-in-arms.  They died together,” the message says.  “To them we have a solemn obligation.”  As the photo transitions to two pictures of Cuomo, the graphic reads: “Remove tyrants.” …”

The horror!

“… Cuomo campaign officials didn’t immediately comment but instead directed questions to allies of the governor who had served in the military – such as Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.  “This video is one of the most deplorable things I have ever seen in politics,” Bellone, a Democrat who served in the Army, said in an email.  “The actions of Rob Astorino and his supporters are not only an insult to all who have served our great nation, but to every American.  This video is disgusting.  To attempt to capitalize and raise money for a political campaign off the sacrifices of our veterans is inexcusable.  This website should be shut down, the donations refused, and Rob Astorino should issue a solemn apology immediately.” …”

Such phony indignation.  Did Bellone get upset when Andrew told “extremists” they have no place in New York?  Of course not.

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