Real grassroots action

A few days ago I was told that Nassau Co. Republican chairman Joe Mondello had a sleezy deal with Pothole Al to put up Democrat Malverne Mayor Patricia McDonald as the GOP candidate for Dean Skelos’ old seat. That would mean a matchup between Democrat Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky (who voted for the SAFE Act) and McDonald (who is an antigun activist and member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.)

Time to activate the grassroots:

It worked:

“Republicans are zeroing in on Christopher McGrath, a private attorney and former head of the Nassau County Bar Association, as their candidate in the race to replace ex-Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, multiple sources said Thursday … The Nassau GOP executive committee was slated to meet Thursday night where it was “likely” it would choose McGrath though nothing had been finalized, one source said … “

People like Mayor Bloomberg may have a lot of money, but they do not not have an activist constituency who can do stuff like this.

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“… Democrat Zephyr Teachout in a radio interview on Tuesday said she opposes the gun-control legislation known as the SAFE Act, a signature law pushed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.  “There’s a bunch of reasons: I come from a family where everybody hunts,” Teachout said in an interview on The Capitol Pressroom. “My brother hunts. All my brothers in law hunts. My dad hunts. I’ve always been around guns.”  She added that she remains supportive of background checks …”

Not a bunch of reasons, just one: It would not go over well in the district to come out in support of it.

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ABC News reports, “George Pataki Endorses Marco Rubio for President“:

“… “I am proud to endorse Marco Rubio,” Pataki said today in an interview with Fox News, adding that he believes Rubio is the right person to unite the Republican Party …”

Nobody cares about his endorsement.

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On a Bloomberg campaign

Mayor Bloomberg is getting the band back together for a presidential run.

According to Breitbart, he’s willing to spend $1 billion dollars on the campaign.

Despite that, Republicans are not taking Bloomberg seriously, thinking it would hurt the Democrat candidate more.

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Not a whole lot of votes

Rand Paul commenting on the news that Mayor Bloomberg is considering jumping into the race:

As I said, what is Bloomberg offering that is different than the other candidates?

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Bloomberg still thinking about running

It appears that Mayor Bloomberg is still thinking about running for president:

“Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg – a onetime moderate Republican who has crusaded on gun control — is considering throwing $1 billion of his vast fortune into an independent, stop-Donald Trump bid for president, according to a person familiar with his plans. He has set March as a deadline, according to the source, and his decision will likely be contingent on the results of early primaries, and he’s more likely to take the leap if the “extremes” — meaning Trump, Ted Cruz or Democrat Bernie Sanders prevail …”

Interesting that it is reported as a stop Trump effort.  I do not know what sort of personal relationship these two have with each other.

“… Bloomberg’s exploration of a bid, first reported in the New York Times on Saturday, is motivated by his belief that the ascent of Trump, a fellow billionaire the business information executive has known for two decades, represents a crisis in the two-party system that calls for a third-party solution …”

I don’t believe it. I think it is Bloomberg’s ego.  Trump took the plunge and Bloomberg didn’t.  Trump is enjoying the limelight and nobody is calling Bloomberg for his opinion.

“… He has discussed a number of potential strategies with a collection of advisers and friends — including the possibility of concentrating his immense resources on a single state like Florida, which both major-party candidates need — to leverage changes in policy …”

In other words, he wants to make gun control an issue for the Republicans.

“… The two-term former mayor, who governed with a middle-of-the-road philosophy of social liberalism and low-tax conservatism, has struggled to gain political traction since leaving office in 2013 …”

That is because his political philosophy of big government, less personal freedom is very similar to that of Hillary Clinton, Trump and Sanders.  There is only so much room in the pool.  Other than a lot of money, what is he bringing to the table which is not already there?

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Eating their own

I found this most entertaining:

“… [Gun control groups] are denouncing supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders who have been arguing that he has a “strong record against gun violence,” the latest salvo between backers of the Vermont senator and Hillary Clinton on the topic of firearms. The letter from the group Third Way, which was also signed by officials with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Americans for Responsible Solutions … was sent this week to Democracy for America. The liberal grass-roots group has endorsed Mr. Sanders, and has sought to come to his aid as he has been criticized by Mrs. Clinton for his record on gun control …”

It’s good when the antis eat their own.

This looks like a desperation move on their part as Bernie and Hillary agree on probably 95% of the issue.  What they are really worried about is if any of the Republican candidates win and they keep their majorities Congress, there is a good chance the reciprocity bill would become law.  That would force New York State and the City to honor licenses from out of state.  The antigunners would go nuts if that were to happen.

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Good example of what is wrong

Last month Gov. Cuomo nominated Westchester D.A. Janet DiFiore to become the New York’s chief justice.

During yesterdays’ Senate confirmation hearing there was this exchange:

“… DiFiore was asked by Southern Tier Senator Tom O’Mara, about her views on second amendment rights, given that DiFiore is a proponent of gun control. She told the committee that she will take any case concerning guns and the second amendment, on the merits, but surprised many when revealed that she, too, is a gun owner. “Do you have a conceal carry permit?” Senator O’Mara then asked. “Yes I do, sir,” DiFiore answered …”

The Daily News offers a little more detail:

“… “The law on the Second Amendment is clear and I appreciate that as a law-abiding gun owner,” DiFiore, a Democrat said …”

This exchange shows what is wrong with our government, DiFiore’s shameless hypocrisy and the willingness of our representatives to let it slide.

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