Is that cell phone in your pocket?

The Daily News reports:

“Anti-gun advocates are blasting a new iPhone case that looks like a pistol grip — and could be mistaken for a real gun … Some of the cases come with an app that puts up a picture of a gun on the screen — completing the overall image …”

God bless capitalism.  Only in America could someone make a buck off a dumb-ass idea like this.

“… The gun grip cases, which can be purchased online or on the street, could no doubt doom young teens, community advocate Tony Herbert said.  “If I were a cop and it was dark and I saw this (case) on a person, my first thought would be to pull my gun and defuse the threat,” Herbert said Tuesday …”

You can count on self-appointed “community advocates” going straight for the PSH.

“… Herbert is pushing city and state legislators to ban the sale of the gun case … “We have to ban the sale of this item before lives are lost,” he said.”

Why not let Darwinism take it’s course?

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Flanagan gave it away

Good op-ed by Fred Dicker about how Gov. Cuomo manipulates the GOP Senate:

“Despite public claims to the contrary, Gov. Cuomo worked behind-the-scenes with the Republican-led Senate to defeat Assembly Democrats … Cuomo, the de facto head of the state Democratic Party, defeated a range of Democrat-sponsored proposals supposedly on his agenda through a “two-against-one” strategy in which he allied with Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (R-Suffolk) against Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx), leaving Heastie no choice but to fold, the sources said.  “Throughout the negotiations, there was never any real difference between the positions of Cuomo and Flanagan.  It was two against one with Cuomo pulling Flanagan’s strings to corner Heastie,” said a source with direct knowledge of the secret end-of-session deal-making … “Not that there should have been, but if there was any doubt that Senate Republicans are nothing but a tool of Cuomo to use against his fellow Democrats, there isn’t anymore,’’ the source complained …”

This was pretty obvious.

“… “Flanagan had the greatest leverage any Republican could have over Cuomo, Heastie and [Mayor] de Blasio: the expiring New York City rent laws,” noted one of the state’s best-known Republicans.  “And how did he use it?  He gave it away, got virtually nothing for it, renewed the laws without extracting much of anything that could help Republicans out of the disastrous hole they’re in, not to mention help the state as a whole,” the source continued …”

Why not use this leverage to move the SAFE amendments bill?

“… Senate sources said Flanagan, like Skelos before him, was willing to take direction from Cuomo on most issues in exchange for an understanding that the governor wouldn’t campaign next year against Republican senators, who hold a bare one-vote margin over the Democrats.”

This is the same dumb-shit strategy the RINO’s have pushed for years despite the fact the undeniable result of this policy is less Republicans getting elected to public office.

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“Cop killer” Biaggi dead

Mario Biaggi, the crooked Congressman who came up with the “cop killer” ammo myth, finally dropped dead at age 97.

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The Big Ugly

Although things are not all finalized, it looks like the SAFE changes made by the Senate will not make it through final legislative negotiations.

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Please vote for NYSRPA

Lucky Gunner is donating the legal fees awarded to them by the judge in the Brady Campaign’s failed junk lawsuit against them to pro-gun organizations.

Please click here and vote for NYSRPA.

Any monies received will go to offset legal costs associated with our lawsuit against the SAFE Act.

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Numbers mean nothing

According to numbers released today by the NYSP, 23,847 people have applied to register a total of 44,485 newly defined so-called assault-style weapons.

It is reasonable to assume that only a very low number of people are complying with the law.  It is also safe to assume these numbers are much higher than the actual numbers as there are probably lots of Seymore Butz’s and Al Kaholic’s on the list.

Neither the Governor nor legislature will care.  Cuomo will never admit he made a mistake and I don’t expect many in the media to call him on it.

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Nozzolio’s nonsense

Why didn’t NBC ask all the Assemblymembers who voted for SAFE (like sponsor Dan Quart) and who the knife bill if they see a double standard?

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