Ladd Everitt’s outburst

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McCarthy election update

Mayor Mike has endorsed Carolyn McCarthy for re-election.  Big deal.

McCarthy herself is, of course, running as a “national leader on gun control“:

“… I am a national leader on gun control and keeping our communities and our police officers safe. My opponent will be a reliable pawn for the NRA and will put our communities and police officers at risk …”

This seems unlikely given that Fran Becker has already screwed gun owners over twice during his career in the Nassau legislature, first in 2000 by jacking up the pistol license fees and again in ’08 with the colored gun ban.  Nevertheless, being a largely single issue candidate McCarthy has to bring up the gun issue or it takes away her main reason of being in Congress.

The Long Island Press reports that McCarthy is herself worried about losing:

“… In the 4th District, Nassau County Legis. Francis Becker (R-Lynbrook) claims to be surging against McCarthy … His campaign manager says the Republicans “smell blood,” and the GOP intends to bolster his so-far anemic advertising campaign … Her campaign paints Becker as a Tea Party Republican, pointing out that his campaign had less than $22,000 on hand as of Oct. 13, compared to her $541,053 tally. But this time around, it may be the secret donor money that really tips the scale. “We’re all petrified of a millionaire coming into the race,” McCarthy tells the Press …”

This explains her negative ad attack against Becker.

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JD-9 mailers

The NRA is apparently doing orange card mailings on behalf of J. Emmett Murphy and Jim Maisano in the 9th judicial district.  Neither are listed on the PVF website.  Both candidates were already endorsed by WCFOA and NYSRPA.

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Murphy mailer

Scott Murphy is doing a mailer touting his endorsement by the NRA.  Nothing unusual about that, although the mailer does specifically mention “handguns for self-defense.”  I don’t recall seeing that in New York before.  Candidates usually just go for a hunting/outdoor theme when mentioning their endorsement.

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Bloomberg is worried

Mayor Mike realizes that the Sullivan Law isn’t going to stand up to legal challenges so he wants to try and lower the fee structure for firearm licenses in hopes of preserving as much of his power to screw over ordinary citizens as possible.  See INT 313-2010.

However, since the Clown Council doesn’t have as much experience with gun issues as he does, they don’t seem to grasp the situation.  As Councilman Erik Dilan told the Post:

“… I don’t know how anybody could . . . speculate that we’re going to be sued by the National Rifle Association or any other entity for the fee when it’s been set at that rate for several years,” he said …”

He probably does not understand that up until McDonald, New York State operated under the notion that there is no right to own guns and therefore all gun control laws were acceptable.  Incorporation changed that.  I also doubt that he and most other most Councilmembers realize that New York City gun laws are way out of the mainstream.  Bloomberg knows this and clearly expects problems:

“… “We want to be in compliance with the law as we understand the Chicago decision was made. We don’t want to lose the ability to have reasonable controls. If we have controls that the courts have ruled are too onerous or too unfair, we could lose” other gun-regulation measures that are in place …”

Notice, he’s just going after the fees, not the arbitrary discretion powers (yet).  He has to know that won’t stand up.  At some point he’s going to have to address that issue.

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Gibson leading Murphy

Chris Gibson has now taken the lead over incumbent Scott Murphy in CD-20.  The NRA’s endorsement of Murphy does not appear to be helping him.

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Paulin-Atayan debate on guns

Video footage from the recent LWV debate in AD-88 between Amy Paulin and Rene Atayan.

The gun control question comes up at 2:05.

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More troubles for McCarthy

More bad news for Carolyn McCarthy means more good news for gunnies.  From the Daily News, “New York Democrats anxious as Long Island Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, other pols face barrage“:

“… “It’s not the rookies we’re worried about as much as some of the people who have been around a while,” lamented a senior New York City congressman, who spoke about strategy on the condition of anonymity. “I’m a little worried that people like Carolyn McCarthy are out of practice on how to run a real race, and you never know with Nassau County voters,” the lawmaker warned …”

McCarthy has never had a serious challenger before.  The GOP has basically let her slide.  Her problems now center around the general anti-Democrat/anti-Obama sentiment along with her funny money scandal.

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