Change you can’t believe in

The Times Union reports, “Lazio shakes up campaign“:

“Faced with a low bank account and a well-financed challenger, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio is replacing his campaign manager with an adviser to the Republican State Committee … He thanked exiting campaign manager Kevin Fullington “for a successful convention and his long hours and hard work to ready this campaign for the final push.” Fullington joins Lazio’s “executive committee,” composed of people working for the campaign. Matt Walter, Fullington’s replacement, served as executive director for the state GOP under former chairman Joe Mondello …”

Playing musical chairs with party hacks does not address the core problem of Lazio’s campaign, which is Lazio himself.

Not only is he facing Carl Paladino in a GOP primary, he’s facing Ralph Lorgio for the Conservative line.  Lorgio, like Paladino, is trying to making an issue of Lazio’s support for gun control.

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No kidding

The Times reports on the bloody obvious, “Bloomberg Wields His Wallet to Push His Agenda“:

“When he’s not busy running city government, sparring with Albany lawmakers or jetting to the tropics, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has been known to hold a good fund-raiser … In recent weeks, the parade of politicians has included … Daniel M. Donovan Jr., a Republican candidate for state attorney general …”

Not to mention the $37,800 personal donation Bloomberg made to Donovan’s campaign at the beginning of the month.

Why would Mayor Mike be so generous with his money?

“… The candidates, who typically leave with a promised $2,300 check from the mayor (the federal limit) and pledges from other invited guests, represent a range of ideologies, but share the mayor’s views on issues like gun control … In using his power as a political fund-raiser, Mr. Bloomberg is attempting to kick-start his third-term agenda by accelerating change in Albany and Washington …”

I’m sure this had absolutely nothing with Donovan going to Albany last month and standing next to one of his political rivals to promote microstamping.

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I gotta vote with the NRA

Good news at the federal level:

“… University of New Hampshire Professor of Politics, Andrew Smith, says Democrats started moving away from a strong anti-gun stance in the 90’s when many in the party blamed the issue on massive political losses in Congress …  The slow political shift has frustrated some Democrats that have long fought for tougher gun laws, like New York Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy … “They’ve been very open about saying… ‘Carolyn, if the NRA comes against a bill, I gotta vote with the NRA.’ They’re not going to take that chance. I understand that,” said McCarthy of her Democratic colleagues. “Does it bother me? Of course, it bothers me because I’m not trying to take away anyone’s right to own a gun.” …”

At least some of the Democrats are wising up to what a political stinker gun control is.  As for McCarthy, her last statement is an outright, boldfaced, bullshit lie.  Her one, and only one, goal is a total prohibition on private firearms ownership that is enforced at gun point by the police.  That is what her entirely political career has always been about and always will be about.  She just will not say it in public.  She knows what she is doing is wrong.  She knows what she is doing is harmful.  She does not care one bit.

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Identifying the problem

Today’s Poughkeepsie Journal has an article, “Cuomo, Lazio raise and spend millions“, which clearly identifies the problem with Rick Lazio’s campaign.  Well, one of them anyway.  His main problem is he’s an antigun RINO, but beyond that we have this:

“… In the state’s gubernatorial race, former Rep. Rick Lazio has spent nearly as much money over the last six months as opponents Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino, despite Lazio’s anemic fundraising … Lazio reported spending $1.6 million between January and July … A large portion of that money went to political consultant Arthur Finkelstein, a longtime GOP operative.  Consultants have been paid $534,000 by Lazio’s campaign this election cycle …”

That’s outrageous.  He blows a third of his cash on political hacks and what does he get?  According to the latest poll numbers:

“… Cuomo earns 58% of the vote against Lazio and Paladino. Lazio, a former congressman and unsuccessful Senate candidate in 2000, picks up 27% support, with nine percent (9%) undecided … Paladino, a wealthy Buffalo businessman, in turn, captures 29% of the vote …”

Clearly the money was well spent.

I’d like to make an offer to Team Lazio.  Dump Finkelstein and hire me instead.  Give me $100,000 and I’ll drive your campaign into the ground faster and cheaper than the clowns running it now.

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Where’s the antis support?

Eric Schneiderman is crowing about receiving his 100th endorsement.

Absent from all this is any mention of any support from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence or the Brady Campaign.  NYAGV mouthpiece Jackie Hilly did make a personal $250 contribution and NYAGV co-founder Barbara Hohlt donated $500 last month, but I have not seen evidence of organized support from any antigun organization either in the form of cash, mailings or GOTV efforts and he’s the guy who carried their water in the Senate for years.  Mayor Mike gave a bundle of cash to Dan Donovan so I don’t see him supporting Schneiderman.  If gun control is so popular with the public, why doesn’t it translate into support for their leading man?

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News of the day

The NSSF is pushing a federal bill to study the viability of microstamping technology.

A New York City law firm is gloating about getting a charge of carrying a loaded firearm reduced to a violation for a traveler transporting a pistol in their luggage at LaGuardia Airport.  I don’t know why they didn’t go for outright dismissal under the FOPA.

Someone is taking a cheap shot at Greg Ball over his press release calling for keeping pistol license information confidential.

The Assembly Republicans are looking for votes this fall.  The latest newsletter from their Sportsman Caucus highlights Brian Kolb receiving the Legislator of the Year Award and mentions “Speaking at a meeting of the Washington County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs early this spring to discuss Second Amendment legislation …”

Congressional approval is at 11%.  That’s change we can all believe in.

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Celebrity jerks for Schneiderman

Alec Baldwin is supporting Eric Schneiderman:

“… “In addition to his prolific career in film, television, and on stage, [Baldwin is] actively involved in environmental advocacy, animal rights, gun control issues, and support for campaign finance reform. Baldwin cited Schneiderman’s independence and dedication to these issues in making his endorsement,” the campaign said …”

Nobody gives a shit what Alec Baldwin thinks.  It’s that simple.  His endorsement is worth, at best, one vote, his own.

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Thank Bush

I had many problems with George W. Bush’s administration, but his choices of Sam Alito and John Roberts for SCOTUS were dead on and will benefit us for generations to come.

Likewise Chairman Zero’s nominations will haunt us for generations to come:

“The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court, clearing the way for President Barack Obama’s second pick for the high court to be confirmed by early August …  Republicans also have raised concerns about memos she wrote as a law clerk to former Justice Thurgood Marshall. In one 1987 memo, she urged Marshall to vote against hearing a Washington man’s appeal in a gun control case. She said she was “not sympathetic” to his claim his rights were violated when he was convicted for carrying an unlicensed pistol …”

I don’t see NRA as being able to stop this either despite their broadcast and print advertisements against her nomination.

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Lazio-Paladino primary set

Rick Lazio is not challenging Carl Paladino’s petitions so there will be a Republican primary on Sept. 14.  That’s a bit surprising since petitions gathered by challengers running against candidates blessed by the political machine are routinely challenged on any and all grounds.

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Anybody but him

Latest polling shows Kathleen Rice is far ahead of the pack in the race for the Democrat nomination for state Attorney General.  As long as Eric Schneiderman loses that’s all that matters.

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