Money funnel

Don’t donate to the New York Community Trust.

June 2010:

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund, $55,000 to train young people in high-crime neighborhoods to speak out and organize against gun violence, and work with elected officials to strengthen gun laws. They will also show and distribute topical videos produced by Trust grantee Downtown Community Television Center

April 2009:

… New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, $60,000 to train young people to become advocates for gun-violence prevention and design and carry out community improvement projects …

April 2006:

… New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund will join with the American Friends Service Committee New York Metro Regional Office to organize anti-gun efforts in neighborhoods that suffer most from gun violence. With a $50,000 grant, meetings will be held with youth, community leaders, residents, and local police to hear concerns, identify conditions that lead to illegal guns, and listen to ideas to decrease the demand for guns. It will also form a youth chapter in Brooklyn that will teach young people to speak out against illegal guns. The Fund will prepare a report on its findings and meet with City officials about the issues raised. It will share the report with the 80 mayors who attended the summit, as well as anti-gun groups in cities around the country …

This is probably only the tip of the iceberg.

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Castelli on gun control bills

Assemblyman Bob Castelli’s press release and video from the floor of him speaking against bills A-6468C, microstamping, and A-10894, requiring DCJS to submit a report regarding handgun licenses.


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Armed Citizen in Jeffersonville

For Immediate Release: 5/26/10
Contact: Undersheriff Eric Chaboty


On Wednesday May 26, 2010, at approximately 2:45PM, Deputies from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call of an attempted robbery at the Pharmacy on RT-52 in the Village of Jeffersonville. Employees reported that a male wearing a blue jumpsuit and a dark ski mask entered the business wielding a baseball bat and stated, “Give me all the drugs!” An employee of the store pulled a licensed pistol on the suspect and asked him, “Do you really want to do this?” The suspect fled the pharmacy empty handed. Deputy Eric Briehof in the Sheriff’s K-9 unit found the suspect in his residence at 4726 ST-52, near Lake Jefferson, and took him into custody. Deputies have identified the man as 55 year old Robert Roach of Jeffersonville. He was arraigned before Town of Thompson Judge Martin Miller on a charge of Attempted Robbery 1st degree, Criminal Posession of a Weapon 4th, and Menacing in the 2nd degree. Roach was sent to the Sullivan County Jail without bail.

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Two more Koon bills dead

David Koon killed off two more of his antigun bills: A-2885, directs the superintendent of state police to issue rules to prevent the transfer of unsafe firearms to the state, and A-4377, authorizes the award of compensation to individuals injured by any person using a firearm, rifle or shotgun if such weapon was sold without a locking device.

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Defining the problem

Bob Fois nails it:

“… Republicans in New York seem unwilling or unable to pull behind a candidate like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. This is the real divide in New York. Old guard, liberal, elitist and corrupt establishment politics continues to plague both major parties — except Democrats are better at this stuff. Republicans will never defeat the Democrats statewide with the same old strategies … When the New York State Republican Committee starts to grasp the true demographic needed to wage a competitive statewide challenge to liberal Democrats like Andrew Cuomo, Republicans will start being Republicans again. Until then, the Republican establishment is wasting everyone’s time (and money). Andrew Cuomo will be elected the next governor of New York State, by default …”

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RES 244-2010

RES 244-2010 was introduced to the Public Safety Committee yesterday by Councilman Lew Fidler.  It calls upon the state legislature to pass a some gun control bills relating to pistol licensing and gun dealers.

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Andrew Cuomo has selected Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy as his choice for Lt. Governor.  Duffy is a member of MAIG.

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Schneiderman update

Eric Schneiderman has updated his campaign website.  His antigun credentials are more prominently displayed under Issues -> Public Safety:

“… Eric is a national leader in the fight against illegal guns. Working with Mayor Bloomberg, Eric is the co-chair of Legislators Against Illegal Guns, a bi-partisan coalition of legislators representing suburban, rural and urban districts from around the country, united by a shared commitment to public safety. As Attorney General, Eric will employ high-tech, multi-state strategies to fight illegal guns and gangs to protect our schools, streets and communities from violence. Because over 90 percent of illegal guns in our state are smuggled from other states with weaker laws, New York cannot solve this problem alone. We must implement a new regional, interstate and multi-state approach to illegal gun trafficking. Eric will lead an “I-95″ coalition of state attorneys general, and state and local law enforcement agencies, to share and track data on gun crimes and gun sales between states.”

With guns and other issues, Schneiderman is trying to position himself as the biggest Leftist in the race.  It’s not helping  him as much as he’d like as the Times reports Andrew Cuomo is supporting Kathleen Rice:

“… In the weeks leading to the state Democratic convention next week, aides and allies of Mr. Cuomo have moved quietly and methodically to bolster Kathleen M. Rice, the Nassau County district attorney and the candidate widely believed to be Mr. Cuomo’s preferred successor …”

Rice is no prize either, but she’s not nearly as bad on guns as Schneiderman.

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Mermel polling

Myers Mermel has decided to switch from running for Lt. Governor to Governor on the GOP line.  His campaign just released a poll which, surprise, surprise, shows him in a favorable light.  Guns were part of the poll:

“… Mermel … says a poll commissioned by him suggests that his composite — that is, a description of him that isn’t tied to his name — beats composites of the other Republicans in the race. If you take a look at the composites, you might conclude that they’re crafted just a bit to nudge respondents in, well, a certain direction … Likely Republican primary voters were given the choice between four candidate composites … Candidate B: Former Democrat … As Suffolk County Executive he raised school and property taxes, and is a strong supporter of gun control, abortion rights, and gay marriage. [STEVE LEVY]  Candidate C: Is a former Congressman … is supported by former Governor George Pataki and is a supporter of gun control, abortion rights and gay marriage. [RICK LAZIO] …”

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Majority/Minority Leader Schumer

The spectre of Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer appears again in the Washington Post article, “Sen. Chuck Schumer is positioned to be the Senate majority leader.”  Rasmussen has incumbent Harry Reid floating around 40% compared with over 50% for both of his potential GOP opponents.

This assumes the Democrats will retain control of the Senate after November, which is increasingly in doubt as Barbara Boxer is in trouble in California.  He could end up as Senate Minority Leader instead.

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