More pandering to the Fudds

As expected Governor Cuomo is pandering to the Fudds in an attempt to win back some votes he lost with the SAFE Act.  He’s got DEC Commission Joe Martens going around around the state telling a bunch of B.S. to sportsmen:

“Joe Martens, commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Conservation, is scheduled to meet with a select group of outdoors sportsmen behind closed doors Friday afternoon at the DEC Region 7 office in Cortland.  The meeting is closed to the press, a DEC spokesman said.  The reason for the meeting, scheduled from noon to 2 p.m., is to get feedback on a range of outdoor-related issues put out by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, including changes to the hunting, fishing and trapping licenses; the adventure license proposal and items in Cuomo’s executive budget for the coming year, including making crossbows legal for hunting …”

What possible reason is there not to have the media invited?  The head of a state agency is looking for public input on the Governor’s budget.  Isn’t this newsworthy?

“… A representative from the State Police is expected to accompany Martens to address any SAFE Act-related questions.  “It’s always a hot button issue when we’re talking to folks,” said Christian Ballantyne, a special assistant at the DEC who helped contacted sportsmen about attending Friday’s get-together …”

This is why they don’t want the press around.  They are guaranteed negative feedback because of SAFE and don’t want the media to cover it.

“…  Ballantyne said he expects about a half dozen sportsmen representatives to attend Friday. He many of those invited were from a list of names recommended by the DEC’s fish and wildlife staff at the Cortland office …”

Known Fudds or other losers who aren’t likely to ask tough questions or expect serious answers.

“… Chuck Parker, of Mexico, who is president of the New York State Conservation Council, was among those invited but had to decline because he is attending a meeting of the state Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board today and Friday up at the DEC training facility in Pulaski …” 

Case in point.

“… He said when it came to the SAFE Act, Parker said that Martens said he didn’t feel it had a significant impact on sportsmen.  “We countered that yes it does,” Parker said …”

And what are you going to do about it?  NYSCC has done nothing about SAFE.

“… Following that Albany meeting, Parker said he knows of meetings Martens has held with sportsmen at DEC regional offices in Region 9 (near Buffalo); Region 8 (near Rochester) and Region 3 in New Paltz.  All were put together with little advance notice, he said, and to his knowledge there were no problems …”

I know someone who went to the R3 meeting.  There were no “problems” because there was no real public input.  The only purpose of these meetings is so the Governor can use them in his re-election campaign.

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