Told you so

Feb. 16 press release, “New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Opposes Extension of Albany County Gun Buyback Program“:

“… Handgun buyback programs have never been shown to have a significant effect on crime. The handguns turned in are typically old and, in some cases, inoperable …”

Liberal media response from WRGB, “Critics of gun buy back called ‘ludicrous‘”:

“… An angry Pastor Charlie said the Association doesn’t know what its talking about since he does not take in guns that don’t work …”

Mar. 10 Times Union story, “Anti-violence tool, or just ‘window dressing’?“:

“… A total of 126 handguns were taken in with the previous $20,000, and none of them were found to have been used in a crime, [Albany Co. Sheriff James] Campbell said Tuesday. “Several had the serial number filed off,” he said. Police test-fired all the guns and found no ballistics matches, he said. The guns were eventually destroyed by Albany police. Muller has collected more than 300 guns since the program began three or four years ago, but most were “inoperable junk,” the sheriff said …”

2 thoughts on “Told you so

  1. Ahhh…….

    In NJ, our new AG, when she worked for the Essex County Prosecutor’s office stated that gun buybacks were not about reducing crime, just getting guns off the *streets* by getting them out of peoples *homes*.

  2. While I would not dispute that is one of the goals here, I believe the primary goal is to give the illusion that city/county politicians are doing something, anything about crime in the city. They have no real solutions so they do stuff like this.

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