What is there to talk about?

The Post-Standard reports:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday invited Geddes Supervisor Manny Falcone to bring a small group of gun owners to Albany to talk about the NY Safe Act.  Falcone opposes the state’s new gun laws, but set his opinions aside Wednesday when Cuomo came to announce $100 million investment of public dollars in an amphitheater and other major improvements to the town and village of Solvay …”

Why didn’t the Governor bother to do this before passing SAFE?  Because he thought he was on the winning side of the issue.  Oops.

“… Cuomo invited Falcone to bring a small group of gun rights advocates to sit down with him in Albany …”

NYSRPA’s office is literally right across the street from the Legislative Office Building.  Why hasn’t he called us?  Because we’ll tell him things he does not want to hear.  Plus, I know why he is doing this and it is not out of the goodness of his heart.

A few weeks back Cuomo announced his support for legalizing crossbow hunting in the state.  This is a blatant attempt to get the “sportsmen” back on his side.  Nevertheless, he got a bunch of Fudds to go along with it and I am waiting for a press release to drop announcing what a great friend the Governor has been to hunters in the state because of it.

Now he wants to a meeting with gun owners.  When 12,000+ gun owners showed up on his doorstep last year to protest he didn’t want to meet with any of them and made sure he was out of town that day.  Two weeks ago he said in a radio interview that anyone who supports gun rights should leave the state.  What has happened in the last few days to change his opinion of gunnies?

9 thoughts on “What is there to talk about?

  1. Lip service. Just like reducing our taxes this year. WAKE UP PEOPLE. HE’s just playing into your hands. He’s facing re-election and will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.
    Westchester County Executive ROB ASTORINO is pro 2nd Amendment and will be our next Governor with your help. SUPPORT Rob: FRIENDS OF ROB ASTORINO, P.O. Box 100, South Salem, New York 10590

  2. “Now he wants to a meeting with gun owners.”

    He wants a meeting with my a-hole? FUAC!

    “Rape first, act questions later?”

    Doesn’t work that way, Andy. Doesn’t work like that . You commie rapist, SOB!
    We’re on to you. You will be be hearing from us! Maybe you’ll listen then you rapist!

  3. What’s with the Rob astorino is pro 2nd comment.. He wasn’t saying anything whne he was running other then “It’s not a County Issue” Just another politician who will or won’t say something to get / protect his votes

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