Durbin v. Schumer

The possibility of Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer resurfaces again the The Politico:

“Democrats are hungry for a hardball strategy against a resurgent Republican Party, and Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin is positioning himself as a leading aggressor — a move that could help him in a potential run for majority leader … Durbin’s newly pugnacious strategy comes as more congressional insiders are whispering about the possibility of a Durbin vs. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) race for Senate majority leader if Nevada Sen. Harry Reid loses reelection …”

Both of Reid’s potential GOP challengers hold double digit leads over him in the latest polls.  He’s in major trouble back home.

“… Democrats on and off Capitol Hill are quietly watching Schumer and Durbin for signs of how they would rule the Senate if they have a chance to become majority leader. During the past several months, Durbin has shown himself to be something of an aggressor … At the same time, Schumer — who has long been viewed as the more aggressive partisan of the two — is building a role as a bipartisan deal maker, something that could be critical should Democrats have a narrower Senate majority or be in the minority next Congress …”

Given I believe the Democrats will get a serious spanking by the voters this fall, I’d say Schumer’s strategy is the better approach.  The full on liberal/socialist/progressive agenda is what the public is upset about and Durban’s in-your-face attitude is not what the Democrats need.