A lack of vision

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. during his State of the Borough Address:

“… “He went a step farther and offered real vision, and some challenging points about what we have to do to stop gun violence … I thought it was powerful,” said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio … “Now Mayor Bloomberg and I, we don’t agree on everything, but if there is one issue that we stand side by side on, is we need strong gun control laws right now,” said Diaz …”

Were you listening to Judge Napolitano?

One thought on “A lack of vision

  1. “…we need strong gun control laws right now,” said Diaz”

    What a commie!
    Thanks to Bloomberg, NYPD is already overeager to gun down anyone they so much as see with a gun, including one of their own, and this Bolshevik buzzard wants even stronger laws! How about five days in the electric chair for exercising the right to keep and bear arms? That make ya happy, Diaz?

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