Way, way too late Chuck

Chuck is still going off on plastic guns, “Plastic firearms concern Schumer”:

“Legislation to ban plastic guns that can’t be detected by metal detectors could head to the White House for President Barack Obama’s signature Monday night, hours before the current ban expires at midnight … Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said in an interview Friday he plans to separately propose expanding the law to require that all firearms have integral metal components detectable by X-ray machines.  Schumer and other Democrats are concerned about the use of commercially available 3-D printing technology that can produce guns from digital models …”

He’s way behind the times, “Cheap 3D printer works with steel“:

“The one thing that made 3D printed guns tolerable to the non-gun-owning community was that they were made of plastic, because metal 3D printers were costly. Now, a bunch of scientists from Michigan Tech are showing off a cheap 3D printer that fabricates in metal. Metal 3D printing isn’t new, but it’s been expensive until now. The open-source Michigan project, here, offers a bill of materials costing just under $US1,200 to build the 3D printer, controlled by a Linux computer. The printer, described in detail here, produces steel components, and while its creators describe it as “a work in progress”, they’ve already successfully produced simple shapes like sprockets …”

One thought on “Way, way too late Chuck

  1. What is all this bullshit? Look at a sten, or “grease gun” type. How hard would that be for a bad guy with some skill to put together? I recently watched a news show on cable (don’t remember which) that was absolutely facinating where these young guys from the taliban hand build their own guns in the Phillipines. And not just zips, but nice stuff! One kid was making (completely from scrap metal) something that looked like a makarov, and it fucking ay rocked! He demonstrated it! Another guy made a 1911 type. They showed them building frames, and the final thing looked awsome. Go to the West Point museum and look at the functioning thomson types that the VC built out of scrap metal with minimum primitive tools in the jungle. The only thing that can stop a bad guy is prison (and guns have been made there too!) The whole debate is a total fucking crock of shit. A bad guy will always have a gun. This whole issue is just their hatred of us and their design to turn us into criminals (enemies of the commie regime from our refence frame) and destroy us. Fuck you Chucky. FUAC!

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