Another big loss for Cuomo

The Buffalo News editorializes on Erie Sheriff Tim Howard’s re-election:

“… An incumbent Republican sheriff who bashed the governor’s gun control law from January through Election Day and easily won re-election … Howard, who posted an impressive 52 percent victory in his three-way contest, is adamant about what the results say.  “If Albany and the governor want to win the support of the people of Erie County, they’ve got to listen to us,” the sheriff said. “Nobody seems to measure the feeling.  And it’s not about guns; it’s about the Constitution.” …”

Some downstate media pundits were saying that the Nassau and Westchester County Executive races would be a referendum on SAFE.  Haven’t seen a follow-up similar to the Buffalo News op-ed from any of them yet.

4 thoughts on “Another big loss for Cuomo

  1. In my family / friends experience here in NY, I have found that more than you would expect guns are a non-issue to them. They are definetly not gun people, but I have been able to lobby most of them to be basically on our side at least in principle. Very few ran out and bought a toy. They just are not gun people, but the election results seem to confirm that most of them are not against us in any big way. Good / bad / indifferent? Indifferent.

  2. I was talking about downstate NY. Upstate is real America and, obviously a great passion for 2A and firearms. So really, you have one group that never really cared (NYAGV has like 15 people and the media tries to fake it up where you would think they have all of downstate), and another almost half of NY that are passionate supporters of 2A. This was a HUGE miscalculation by the Cuomo people and these election results and the polls ever since unsafe are proof Q.E.D. They fucked up big time. He wishes he could take it all back, believe me. But now he cant. A loss for everybody.

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