SAFE effect on Sheriff’s primaries

Governor Cuomo’s attempt to intimidate county sheriff’s into silence over their opposition to the SAFE Act isn’t working.

In the Republican primary for Saratoga Co. Sheriff:

“A Republican running for Saratoga County sheriff has turned a primary race … into a referendum on the way the department is led, and also on the state’s NY SAFE Act.   Jeff Gildersleeve of Ballston Lake surprised many in the county’s Republican party by challenging Michael Zurlo of Stillwater, the party’s endorsed candidate for sheriff … On the trail, Gildersleeve rips into the state’s recently enacted gun regulations … A former firearms instructor and lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, he’s raised nearly $15,000 — all from July to August — including $9,000 from gun shops in Albany, Troy and Castleton-on-Hudson, according to campaign filings with the state.  He is endorsed by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.  Gildersleeve said the SAFE Act has grown into a major issue in the campaign.  “I would not actively enforce it,” he said. …”

In the Democrat primary for Erie Co. Sheriff:

“… [Bert D. Dunn]  offers no apologies for being a “Reagan Democrat” in his youth, and admires him for winning the Cold War.  And Dunn still seems unable to warm up to Cuomo, especially after the governor pushed the strict new gun control law known as the NY SAFE Act.  “Cuomo thought what he was doing would get him out front and boost his presidential hopes,” Dunn said.  “Clearly, this was rushed through.  He created an issue that made it difficult for us in law enforcement.” …”

The fact that it is coming up in primaries shows the issue isn’t going away and the likely damage it has done to Cuomo’s national political aspirations despite (biased) Sienna polling claiming he has regained his popularity.

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