Layoffs at the Daily News

When the Journal News tried shaming gun owners by publishing maps to their homes earlier this year, they reportedly lost a third of their subscribers.  The Daily News has been on a similar jihad pushing for more gun control laws non-stop since December.

How are things going over there?

“… Two high-profile bylines we’ve confirmed to be among the laid-off Newsers so far are columnists Albor Ruiz and Joanna Molloy, both longtime veterans of the paper … The news of Molloy’s termination was particularly shocking.  She’s arguably the most famous writer still at the paper, having helmed its gossip pages for 15 years with her husband, George Rush, who took a buyout in 2010, thus ending their joint column Rush & Molloy, by then a well-established New York institution.  Molloy then became a general news columnist, and just last month she was on “Charlie Rose,” holding up copies of the Daily News’ page-one gun-control crusade as an example of why tabloids in general, and the News under Myler’s editorship in particular, were doing important work nobody else could do …”

Perhaps there was a reason others weren’t doing it.  Gotta love instant karma.

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  1. Well, I sorta feel bad for the workers, but if you work for the devil, sooner or later you’re gonna get burned.

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