A real grassroots

Unlike SEIU, we have a real constituency:

“Their anger at what they see as over-reaching by the government keeping them warm under icy gray skies, as many as 2,000 anti-Cuomo, pro-gun protestors gathered on the front lawn at the Schoharie DAR Saturday in a We The People rally …”

Nobody paid them to show up either.  Even better (for us) or worse (for Gov. Cuomo):

“… Carlisle Supervisor Larry Bradt was instrumental in putting together the rally, organized after supervisors in February blasted the NY SAFE ACT … Friday, supervisors took that a step further by vowing not to spend a dime enforcing it.  “We’re not asking anyone to repeal this law, we’re demanding it,” Mr. Bradt said to loud applause Saturday …”

That’s something else Cuomo neglected to mention, that the counties would be stuck with footing the bill for implementing SAFE as an unfunded mandate.