Pangs of regret

Some Republicans are beginning to think that voting for the SAFE Act was a bad political move.

First up, Senator Phil Boyle releases this statement:

“… “The so-called SAFE act was a mistake. Its passage lacked transparency and public input and its wording was ill-conceived and of questionable legality,” said Senator Phil Boyle.  “Lawmakers like myself might have caught these mistakes if we were given more than two hours to read the bill.  A good leader admits a mistake and works to rectify it.  That is what I am doing.” …”

Translation: my constituents are pissed and I’m trying to cover my ass with this bullshit statement.

Next, freshman Assemblyman Bill Nojay tells Fred Dicker what he thinks of Dean Skelos:

“… In a rare break with party unity, Nojay described Skelos to The Post as “a failed leader” and declared, “He has to go.”  “Dean Skelos has repeatedly failed to defend Republican values and assist his fellow Republicans running for office, whether it’s his supporting a $2 billion tax hike, how he handled gay marriage, and now the gun issue,” Nojay said …”

Now Dean Skelos comes out of hiding to issue a statement:

“Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said today that he expects significant changes to the gun-control law passed in January, specifically targeting the provision that lowers the number of bullets in a magazine from 10 to seven.  Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has indicated that the law passed Jan. 15 might face just some minor changes. Skelos, the Republican from Nassau County, said he would hope there would be more substantial changes.  “I think they are going to be more than technical,” Skelos told reporters of the changes. “I think we’re going to look at the size of the clips, a number of other issues – protections within your home.” …”

Yeah right.  He knows that neither Shelly nor Andy are likely to go along with that.  Like Boyle he’s looking for some political cover.

7 thoughts on “Pangs of regret

  1. They all sound like my kids when they know they have been caught but they still think they can make it right.

    Hey, Skelos, you can’t make it right…

  2. Our only hope is the court, and that scares me. They have all their frauds all over the courts. Joe McCarthy had it right. Now Colorado is going down too. Can you believe it? I would expect little else of commie, lefty, “progressive capitol of the world” piece of shit NY. But Colorado? Cowboys, ranches, guns, freedom, wild west Colorado? Its all going down. Its like the scene in Platoon where they are overrun and the commanding officer is calling in the fire mission – “theyre inside the wire, I say again theyre inside the wire – expend all remaining ordinace right on the base. Its been a great war.”

  3. Skelos can be of help. He can find a viable pro-constitution candidate to replace him in the next election. Then state the SAFE act among other disgraces as to why he’s stepping down and supporting a new candidate. Won’t happen. But if he had honor…

    Things may be about to get very interesting in CO. Hopefully the giant will awaken.

  4. My friend and I were in Skelos office on Thursday. His “legal person” was there to interface with us. I did give them a piece of our mind along with another great bunch of folks mostly from Ulster. I yelled at her to “look at the honest, decent, articulate, hard working people who are sitting here right now loosing time from their jobs, and ask yourself ARE THEY THE PROBLEM?? Why in (piece of shit (did not say that)) NY are WE ALLWAYS THE TARGET, and I never hear a single bad word about career violent crimminals from either democrats OR REPUBS? Is that not incredible to you?” She had no answer. But we all know. The Dems in Albany are really crimminals themselves from crimminal families representing crimminal constituencies. But to be fair, emotions aside, Skelos, et all, did do the best they could in a shit situation as she did explain. My objection is that any Repub voted for it to make it look bipartisan. No Repub should have voted for it, but they definetly were between a rock and a hard place. I dunno?

  5. “Lawmakers like myself might have caught these mistakes if we were given more than two hours to read the bill. A good leader admits a mistake and works to rectify it. ”

    No, a good lawmaker votes NO on a bill he only has two hours to read just out of principle.

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