All for nothing?

It is generally believed that Gov. Cuomo pushed gun control as part of a presidential bid in 2016.  If Fred Dicker’s column today is accurate, it may have been done for nothing:

“A new poll from a respected Republican firm has senior Democrats worried that Gov. Cuomo is headed for a massive re-election victory next year — which could damage his chances to run for president in the process.  The poll, which was being intensely studied last week by Democratic operatives, reinforced the belief that if the governor faces a weak Republican opponent — such as Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino, who was crushed by Cuomo in 2010 — the contest will be discounted from the start by a national media focused on potential presidential candidates for 2016. “Who in the national press corps is going to pay attention to Andrew’s re-election if he’s running against a bozo like Paladino?’’ asked a Democratic activist with ties to the governor. “And even if it’s not Paladino but some other Republican no one ever heard of, what good does that do Andrew for the future?’’ the activist continued …”

So, in other words, it will not matter what issues Cuomo decides to champion as Governor because the media won’t be paying much attention to him during his 2014 re-election campaign.  Essentially he pissed off countless people from all around the country for nothing.

8 thoughts on “All for nothing?

  1. While Cuomo’s destruction of the second amendment may go over great with the Bolshevik Commies in NY, it would have been a terrible liability for him in a national election where there are a larger number of real Americans still in the electorate. Even Obama and his despots stayed away from it until he was a lame duck 2nd term. G-d forbid we lose the house in 2014 you will see the death of the second amendment in all America. Our last chance would be the court, but you’ve got 4 frauds over there from the get go. And Roberts decision on Obamacare scares the shit out of me. The other nightmare is losing just one more of the remaining non-commies, and Obama gets to appoint a commie replacement. That will be it – the end – bar the doors and go hide in the basement.

  2. Well, if we pissed off New Yorkers have our way in 2014, he will be out of a job. A jobless ex-governor who lost to some “bozo” would be a pretty poor candidate for president, wouldn’t you think?

  3. I wish! That would be great! But just go out there and look at the number of NY people driving a prius with Obama Biden stickers, and all the rest of the indicators that they are not in agreement with us. We are the minority in NY. It might not feel that way if you work as an engineer or something where we only talk to each other all day, but go out there and talk to people from the city or even the suburbs and you might end up on anti depressants. They are the majority. After the last few national elections, I hope its that the rest of the American People (out of NY) were just that ignorant, and not that evil. Ignorance can be fixed.

  4. If you want to get a sense of the kinds of despots that are destroying our second amendment, and why, just look at the youtube of Steve Katz and Claudia Tenny talking about Sheldon Silver and the Dems! Imagine the media response if these were Repubs.

  5. Putting the issue of gun control aside, the people talking about Andrew Cuomo running for president in 2016 seem to be living in some kind of alternative universe. Had Cuomo’s father not been a popular governor, does anyone seriously think he could have been elected to any office. Back in the 18th or 19th century before modern media and all but a few could see or hear him he might might have had some chance, but with today’s media his frightening looks and painful to listen to voice make him thoroughly unelectable to national office.

  6. He managed to put “Old Andrew” behind him for his first two years and generally behaved himself. Had he stayed the course I could see him running in 2016. However, he totally lost his shit during his State of the State back in January. People aren’t going to forgive or forget that.

  7. That’s what I don’t get. He eliminated CoBISS and acted like a very centrist sort of guy. I don’t think Sandy Hook has anything to do with this push. Even if it never happened, with BO’s re-election we’d still be fighting this fight.

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