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4 thoughts on “Delusional

  1. Never mind that we actually took the time to read it before forming an opinion. That’s a hellofa lot more than we can say for his lap-dogs in Albany.

    It’s worth pointing out that “…not going to be as bad as they think” implies that even he knows it is “bad”.

  2. I think when we actually vote the 2nd Amendment rapist Cuomo out, like we did his daffy daddy, it’s not going to as bad as he thinks.

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  4. I’m quite pleased Cuomo made this statement. It is showing me that they are truly inept and were unaware of the potential backlash and legal consequences. It makes me feel so much better knowing that we are “battling” an inept and niave enemy.

    I bet someone in the AG’s office is scrambling trying to make a case to defend this law. Too bad there is verry little for them to go on

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