Fuck You, Ed Cox!

State GOP Chairman Ed Cox is even more arrogant than Governor Cuomo:

“The state Republican Party is knocking Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the quick vote on new gun-control laws, saying he’s doing it to build his national profile … “For Governor Cuomo to state that the 20-year gun control debate justifies limited debate over the specifics of the SAFE Act is intellectually dishonest and downright absurd,” the state party said in a statement.  “For example, a gun registration law in Canada that turned millions of law-abiding citizens into criminals resulted in such massive resistance that Canada had to rescind the law.  Could that happen in New York?  Never discussed.”  …”

That’s right and elected members of his own party never discussed them or anything else.  The reason they didn’t discuss them is because Republican leadership helped pass this law in the first place!  The Republicans own this as much as Cuomo does.

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