35 stupid people

Newsday is a crap, leftist rag from Long Island.  They worship at the feet of Carolyn McCarthy and love to promote her agenda at every opportunity.  A few months back they decided to start charging people to view their website.  Not a little either, $260 per year.  They actually thought people would pay that much to have their intelligence insulted on a daily basis.

So, how’s it been working out for them?

According to the Observer, only 35 people have signed up to pay for access.  They grossed $9K after spending $4M on redesigning their website.


2 Responses to “35 stupid people”

  1. Joseph Says:

    They only survive because there is no other full edition paper on L.I. No competition.

  2. Anti-Gun Paper Has Fantastic Success With Subscriber Model | Snowflakes in Hell Says:

    […] Jacob points out that New York Newsday, a Long Island based paper that is very anti-gun, is having some stellar success with their new online subscriber model. A revenue busting thirty five members have subscribed to the paper so far. Hell, I could probably raise more revenue than that for this blog if I put up a tip jar and begged for donations. Maybe they should have just started a blog. […]

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