Pro-gun purity test for GOP

At least some in the Republican Party have learned from Scott Brown’s upset win in Massachusetts.  According to the Times:

“One of the top items of business for the Republican National Committee … is to pass a so-called “purity” resolution being put forth by some of its more conservative members. The resolution, named after former President Reagan, would require that Republican candidates agree on at least eight listed conservative positions – ranging from gun control to gay marriage to financing for abortion – or face a cut-off of party money and support …”

Good. This is exactly what is needed to flush out the Rockefeller RINOs.

4 thoughts on “Pro-gun purity test for GOP

  1. I was only a kid when Rockefeller was Governor. Was he like Bloomberg, a Republican on financial issues and a Democrat on most social issues?

  2. Yeah. This sounds like a good idea. But I’m pretty sure the RNC will make exceptions for high profile candidates. Of course, high profile candidates may not need RNC cash.

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