Principles my ass

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“The chairman of the State Conservative Committee said he expects the party to pull its endorsement of State Senator Stephen Saland (R-Poughkeepsie) for his vote in support of gay marriage in New York … “The Conservative Party has to be true to its principles and those principles are supporting marriage between a man and a woman and we can no longer endorse people who don’t respect that or honor that commitment,” [Mike Long] said …”

Putting aside the issue, this statement is laughable.  The last thing Mike Long or the CP does is stand on principle as is evidenced by the people their party has endorsed over the years (remember Rick Lazio?)  They don’t support the RKBA and I cannot recall them ever trying to hold their endorsed officials accountable on it.  They give lip service to cutting taxes, but don’t follow up at election time when giving out endorsements.  They make some noise about abortion, but generally don’t follow up with that at election time either.  They only thing they’ve been pretty consistent on is dumping on homosexuals.  While I don’t doubt that is in fact an issue for them, what Long & Co. are really bent out of shape about is the fact that Saland and a few other Republicans decided to give them a very public middle finger.  For that reason alone Saland deserves a round of applause.

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