HR-822 update

Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle (R-25) signed on as co-sponsor to the national reciprocity bill HR-822.  It now has 236 co-sponsors.  Other local co-sponsors include Chris Gibson (R-20), Richard Hanna (R-24), Bill Owens (D-23) and Tom Reed (R-29).

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4 thoughts on “HR-822 update

  1. I’m curious to know the fine-print: would residents of New York and other restrictive, discretionary issue states be able to end run local laws by getting out-of-state permits from, say, Florida? Since the bill would exempt states that ban concealed carry outright (Illinois, Wisconsin), I could see gun-phobic states like California and New York opting to go that route rather than recognize out-of-state permits. Of course, this is all a moot point as long as the White House remains under current management…

  2. The way I read it you would still need a NY license. The primary benefit for us would be NYC would be forced to allow non-residents to legally carry and this would be the beginning of the end of the Sullivan Act.

  3. Know this is an old post but – they way it is written it would need to e a permit from your home state. Being from NY originally I know how hard it is there. The benefit I could ee to the overly restrictive states such as NY would be maybe after seeing that those of us that legally don’t go around causing trouble, and maybe adjust the laws there to something more reasonable

  4. no. you can get an out of state permit all day long. i recomend a permit from az. then even if you dont have a permit in your own state you could use that one in your own state

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