Microstamping returns

Micostamping bill A-1157 is on Assembly Codes agenda for Tuesday, May 3.

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3 thoughts on “Microstamping returns

  1. Mr. VP of Legislative Affairs, I ask that you post a list of every member of the Assembly Codes Committee with an office email, a phone number, and political affiliation. TIA.

  2. Markie Marxist sez: “Microstamping is cool! Every minute spent talking about microstamping keeps that much attention off of our Marxist/warrior/hero/criminals who are helping us to destroy capitalism and bring down America! Ask my commie compadre, Michelle Schimel! She’ll talk about microstamping all day, but she’ll clam up tight when the subject turns to the death penalty for our killer gangbangers! She’s a real good commie like that! She’s always looking to stick it to those right wing, white male, upstate, law-abiding, gun owner, defenders of freedom and capitalism, while keeping the heat off of our Marxist/warrior/hero/criminal/downstate/minority/gangbanger/assassins! Ha! Ha! We commies own New York, and I guess we own Michelle Schimel too! Ha! Ha!”

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