Keep your finger off the trigger

Eric Adams is one of the louder antigun voices in the State Senate. He’s pushing a new antigun campaign and has produced this video.

Talking about parental responsibility is good. However, he seems to have forgotten basic firearms safety as he appears to have his finger on the trigger at the 4:05 mark when he’s pointing the revolver at his own face …

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3 thoughts on “Keep your finger off the trigger

  1. Well, that is nothing. He is intentionally illustrating a specific action he believes is taken by children who find firearms. You may not agree with it, but it is not an inadvertent act.

    Now, why you don’t call him out on his COMPLETE and utter LACK of constitutional knowledge is a far more interesting question. He seems to believe that the first amendment protects the populace from illegal search and seizure…

  2. What he is doing is showing parents and children improper gun handling. He does not need to demonstrate anything with his finger on the trigger.

    Yes, I know he does not grasp the Constitution. As I said he is a well known anti.

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