NY law is not arbitrary

Middletown Mayor Marlinda Duncanson is happy the Thune amendment came up short in the Senate.  She told MidHudsonNews.com:

“… Duncanson said New York’s gun carry laws include provisions that are not covered by the laws of a number of other states and those standards are “by no means arbitrary calculations, but rather are derived from issues such as population density in parts of the state, our particular crime dynamics, and expert local judgment regarding how to protect our citizens.” …”

That’s true, they’re not arbitrary. The Sullivan Law was designed specifically to allow politicans to deny anyone they deemed undesireable the right to legally carry handguns for self-defense.  The Irish and Jewish mobsters running Tammany Hall at the turn of the 20th century did not want to compete with the new immigrant Italian mafiosi so they had their boy State Senator “Big” Tim Sullivan create the current “may issue” system of discretionary pistol licensing.  This law has been used by politicans for nearly a century to screw over anyone they didn’t like.  In Big Tim’s case, it was the Italians.  In Duncanson’s case, it’s ordinary citizens.

2 thoughts on “NY law is not arbitrary

  1. Jacob,

    I would urge you to change your comments about the NY Sullivan act. I am not the thinnest skinned individual around and am a long standing member of the NYSRPA, and find the way it is written is offensive. Yes, we know that it was politically and racially motivated, but your wording could be a lot better. Just for the record, I am Jewish. The way this is written does not reflect well on NYSRPA,

  2. Members of my family are Jewish as well. There is nothing inaccurate or demeaning about what I wrote. The History Channel even had a series on mobsters in America which documented the gangs which controlled Tammany. If you go to the Times website you can pull up their op-ed from 1/27/1905 specifically targeting immigrants from Italy.

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