Celebrating Lennon’s death

Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon and all the antis are celebrating on their Facebook pages: the Brady Campaign, Violence Policy Center and Protest Easy Guns.  They never miss an opportunity to exploit a tragedy to promote their agenda.

Paul Helmke let fly a press release which reads:

“… We’ve made some progress improving our guns laws over the last 30 years, most notably with the passage of the Brady Bill in 1993 that has stopped felons, the mentally ill and domestic abusers from making more than 1.9 million gun purchases from federally licensed dealers.  But more needs to be done to make our society a safer place …”

Noticeably absent is any mention of the Sullivan Act, which had been in effect for nearly 70 years at this time.  Mark David Chapman, of course, simply ignored it:

“… On Oct. 27 Chapman went to a Honolulu gun store and, for $169, bought a five-shot, short-barrel .38-caliber Charter Arms Special … He also tried to buy the .38 bullets he hadn’t bothered to buy in Honolulu. He found to his chagrin that New York’s Sullivan Law forbade their sale. He called Dana Reeves, now a sheriff’s deputy in Georgia, and said he wanted to visit his old friends … Chapman flew to Atlanta. While there, he told Reeves he had bought a gun for personal protection while he was in New York but he needed some bullets “with real stopping power.” Reeves supplied him with five hollow-point cartridges the kind that expand as they pass through their target …”

Helmke’s not about to acknowledge this.  In typical fashion, he simply ignores any inconvenient facts, just as all antis do when confronted with the reality that their gun control policies not only do not work, but actually contribute to senseless violence and deaths.

While Lennon himself may not have had any interest in carrying a gun for his protection, others clearly do and it is unconscionable for Helmke and his ilk continue to push their destructive policies especially under the banner of “Give Peace a Chance.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Lennon’s death

  1. Saw Lennon numerous times as he walked to the Immigration building on Church Street in Manhattan following his marijuana arrest.

    Usually wore a Navy pea coat. Long hair blowing all over the place cause that’s a windy spot. He looked like a regular guy. Can never forget him.

    Despicable that some would use his death to advance their own agenda.

  2. Hey paul….38 HPs don’t pass through their target. Besides, he got them from one of your “Only Ones”.

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