Blakeman looks to deputize armed residents

1010 WINS reports:

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman confirmed Wednesday that he’s looking to deputize armed residents in the event of a county-wide emergency like a hurricane … Blakeman said the special deputy sheriffs will not run around the county and act like police officers, instead they’ll keep order in the county in case of an emergency, such as a severe weather event like Superstorm Sandy. “They would be protecting our utilities, they would be protecting government buildings, they would be protecting shopping malls if there was looting,” Blakeman told 1010 WINS …”

Notice that neither Blakeman nor any of the other electds, including those who claim to support 2A, still won’t come out in public and call BS on Gov. Hochul’s signature gun control law and demand it’s repeal, but they will engage in nonsense in Nassau and Westchester.

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