Nationwide Gun Emergency

The Nebraska Examiner reports:

U.S. House Democrats held a roundtable forum Monday on changing U.S. gun laws following a recent mass shooting in Maine, where 18 people were killed. The top Democrat on the committee, Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, invited witnesses to discuss gun violence solutions, and said that the gun industry lobby, the National Rifle Association and Republicans push back against gun reform. “We’re going to examine the nationwide gun emergency that’s taking place, the endless rounds of gun violence and massacres that are plaguing our society,” Raskin said. Some of those witnesses included gun safety advocates, educators, survivors of gun violence and people who seek to intervene in community violence … Democrats on the committee who participated in the forum included … Dan Goldman of New York …”

This is nothing more than a really lame political stunt, so weak that I haven’t seen any coverage by big New York media outlets.  Goldman didn’t even bother to send out a self-aggrandizing presser on it so he knows it was a farce.