Everytown agenda in action

Mayor Eric Adams’ so-called Gun Violence Prevention Task Force released a plan yesterday to throw a lot of money around:

“Today, we are taking our efforts to end gun violence to the next level with this new ‘Blueprint for Community Safety‘ – a more than $485 million dollar plan that will double down on our public safety efforts, invest in our most impacted communities, support our young people and get them on the right path, and activate every level of city government to prioritize prevention-based approaches to public safety …”

This announcement came with a full press dog and pony show:

This is straight out of Everytown’s legislative agenda: Funnel money to community organizations and projects (which often have ties back to antigun politicians) who in turn act as cheerleaders for the gun control agenda and provide political support/cover for the electeds when they’re up for re-election.

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