Reclaim 2A rights in blue states

There is some opportunity for political action in this week’s primary elections:

  • Mayor of Yonkers: 3-way Democrat primary. Vote AGAINST incumbent Mayor Mike Spano. I have not forgotten about him from his time in the Assembly when he told some constituents who were lobbying for 2A that he didn’t believe it was difficult to get an unrestricted pistol license because he had one.
  • Queens District Attorney: 3-way Democrat primary. Vote AGAINST incumbent Melinda Katz. Katz has been a strong supporter of gun control her entire career and has been endorsed by Gov. Hochul.

Primary turnout is always low. If the incumbents lose, it’s a big victory for 2A. If they win, we can still claim partial credit for making them spend money to defend their seats.

This is how we can reclaim 2A rights in New York and other blue states.  There’s no need for long, pointless discussion of “the facts”, what’s right or what’s wrong, the Constitution or anything else.  Vote pro-gun or 2A activists will back your election opponents no matter who they are to get rid of you. All politicians can understand this and can respect it, even if they don’t like it as it directly affects them unlike lawsuits which nobody cares about as they go on all the time and have no effect on elections.

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