I find these to be hard to believe.

Cuomo Pledges To Use People Power:

“Democratic Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo plans to use people power to move his agenda in Albany when he takes office on Jan. 1.  Cuomo, speaking on WOR 710 AM in New York City this morning, said that in order to end what he considers to be a strangle hold of special interests on the state Legislature he will wield his voter mandate to achieve spending and tax caps this coming legislative session. …”

Kolb optimistic about Cuomo administration:

“Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, R-Canandaigua, said today that he’s optimistic about a Cuomo administration …”

First off, Cuomo does not have a mandate.  He won in no small part because the the GOP did not put up a serious candidate (Lazio) against him.  After their boy lost the primary, the party “leadership” refused to get behind the winner (Paladino).

Second, as for Kolb’s optimism, I’m sure it’s the same sort of optimism I feel whenever I buy a lotto ticket.

Cuomo has been part of the Democrat political machine for decades.  He’s not about to change his style or his ambitions.   The only question is how much energy he’s going to put into pushing each of his agenda items, including microstamping.  He may  just leave that one to Eric Schneiderman.

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