Mayors behaving badly

Details on White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley’s domestic abuse trial over at The Journal News site.

Bradly joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition after taking office and is still listed on their website despite the numerous charges against him.  He’s not the first member of the Bloomberg bunch to have these sort of problems either.

4 Responses to “Mayors behaving badly”

  1. Chas Says:

    White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley’s membership in MAIG means that he seeks to abuse gun owners. His wife claiming that he abused her is consistent with that.
    For an individual to support more gun control is a socially acceptable way to act out a need to inflict abuse on people. That such a person would treat his wife the same way can be no surprise.

  2. MAIG Mayor Trial | Snowflakes in Hell Says:

    […] This time the Mayor of White Plains, for domestic abuse. Very glad we have an organization dedicated to fighting the scourge of illegal mayors. […]

  3. Lamont Says:

    No wonder he’s against LEGAL guns…it’s easier to beat your wife knowing there’s no firearm she can run and grab to get you to stop. What a punk!

  4. The Violent Against Guns | Liberty's Blog Says:

    […] at Say Uncle, they want to know, Why are anti-gun activists so violent? Another member of mayors against guns on trial. This one for domestic […]

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