Oberacker and Sakel debate

The River Reporter covers the debate between 51st Senate District candidates:

“… [Sen. Peter Oberacker] has been a concealed carry permit holder since 1986, he said: “I’ve never committed a crime.” New York State’s gun regulations took away people’s second amendment rights to prevent crimes that are being committed by criminals who would not ever follow the law. “Can we get a discussion going that actually addresses the issue, but doesn’t negatively impact those of us that want to exercise our second amendment rights?” Republicans had proposed a law to put school resource officers in schools to address school shootings, Oberacker said, a proposal that had been rebuffed …”

Unimpressive response.

“… [Eric Ball] was raised with guns, he said: he supported the second amendment, and doesn’t believe we need to set up a system that penalized law-abiding gun owners. The country does have a pandemic of gun violence, he said: he supports strengthened background checks and red flag laws …”

Typical antigun talking points.

Support Oberacker.

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