Tish James believes in fictional porcelain Glock

Attorney General Tish James intends to defend New York’s public nuisance law, A-6762B/S-7196, in a lawsuit brought against Glock for a subway shooting back in April.

There’s no press release from her office, just this story at Courthouse News Service.

Her complaint contains this nugget of stupidity on page 24:

“… “Upon information and belief, in or around 1990, “the Glock began to appear in the hands of police officers in Law and Order and other police procedural shows. It was also used by Bruce Willis in the movie Die Hard 2. Willis’ character even bragged about the advantages of using a Glock…”[He] introduced the gun as a character to people who don’t know anything about guns,” says Barrett …”

That’s the fictional porcelain Glock 7.  She actually put that into a lawsuit.

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