Primary challenger for Jacobs

As follow-up to my previous post, the Olean Times Herald reports, “Businessman from Fredonia to challenge Jacobs in GOP primary“:

Marc Cenedella, a businessman from Fredonia who plans to run against Rep. Chris Jacobs in the 23rd Congressional District Republican primary, once worked to help elect former Rep. Stan Lundine, a Democrat. “I’ve been passionate about politics my entire life,” Cenedella told the Times Herald. “Once I got an education, I became a Republican.” … A Ronald Reagan Republican currently based in New York, Cenedella founded, a national jobs website, 19 years ago … In wake of the racist massacre that killed 10 people in Buffalo and the Texas school shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers, what kind of gun law reforms would Cenedella support? “Tens of millions of Americans legally and safely own guns. Any attempt to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights is ill considered and ineffective.” What about reinstituting the federal assault weapons ban, enhanced background checks and red flag laws to keep guns from those who should not have them? “Most efforts are misguided and ill-conceived,” he replied …”

Support this guy in the primary to get rid of Jacobs.