Rochester teams up with Brady Campaign

One of outgoing Mayor Lovely Warren’s last official acts is to team up with the Brady Campaign to analyze firearms trace data.

From their MOU:

“Rochester, through the Rochester Police Department, will use its best efforts to collect trace data about firearms recovered within its jurisdiction. Brady will advise the Rochester Police Department on the types of data and means of collection as necessary … As needed, Brady will provide to the Rochester Police Department advice and guidance regarding the analysis of such data and assist the Rochester Police Department in generating a public-facing report containing the analysis of this data …”

This is suspicious. My guess is they want to use such data as an excuse to try and sue gun manufactures and dealers under the public nuisance bill the legislature passed this year A-6762B/S-7196.

One thought on “Rochester teams up with Brady Campaign

  1. “Gun control”, is depravity. As our founders told us, freedom works; “gun control”, as America has found to its sorrow, does not work.

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